Quality and Traceability

The primary purpose of the rules governing medicinal products is to safeguard public health. However, this objective must be achieved by means which do not hinder the development of the pharmaceutical industry or trade in medicinal products within the community. Thus, AAA has consistently pursued the twin objectives: the safety of product and the constant development of medicinal products to supply major benefit to patients and physicists. Each radiopharmaceutical medicine is produced to respect safety, efficacy and quality of the product according to Good Manufacturing Practices in accordance with the quality standards appropriate for their intended use and as required by the applicable marketing authorization or product specifications.

AAA develops radiopharmaceutical products to be commercialized in a number of countries, including those in the European Economic Area (EEA) with or without a marketing authorization issued by the competent authority of a Member State (or EEA country).

In addition to the pharmaceutical regulation, an important issue is the radioactive part of the radiopharmaceuticals. Product traceability is the key to improved safety and therefore AAA radiopharmaceuticals are continuously monitored from production site to the final patient (batch number, vial, date and hour of departure and arrival, activity).

In case of any quality-default or complaint related to quality of products and services:

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