Nantes, France

The Nantes laboratory is actively involved in the TheraneaM project (THERApy through NEutron Activated Microparticles), for the development of a brachytherapy methodology for the treatment of solid tumours. The laboratory is located in the ARRONAX research center.

TheraneaM is a collaborative research project that aims to develop an innovative method of treating cancer with sub-micron particles (scale 1/10000 mm), made radioactive in a system driven by a cyclotron and deposited directly in contact with the tumor, using an injection system developed specifically for this application. This technique provides a good tumor targeting by the radioactive substance while sparing surrounding healthy tissue.

ARRONAX is an important public research center dedicated to the development of innovative radioisotopes for research in nuclear medicine and performs research in radiochemistry on radiolysis (study on radiation effects on living or inert matter).

1 rue Aronnax
44817 Saint Herblain Cedex
Tel: +33 (0)4 50 99 30 70