Partnerships are key to many aspects of AAA’s business and we continually to look for new opportunities to grow.

Today AAA collaborates with more than 100 internationally renowned partners for pre-clinical and clinical research and has research laboratories at the Institut Curie in Paris, at the European Center for Research and Medical Imaging (CERIMED) in Marseille and at the Istituto Scientifico Romagnolo per lo Studio e la Cura dei Tumori (IRST).

As one of the leading European companies in Molecular Nuclear Medicine, we offer our partners access to our specialist expertise and European manufacturing network.

Our research and industry partners have played an instrumental role in our success. Some of them have been with us from the start and we are proud to work with each and every one.

AAA is focused on growing its business in Molecular Nuclear Diagnostics (MND) and Molecular Nuclear Therapy (MNT) both through internal development and external collaborations.

Business Development and Partnerships

We wish to develop collaborative relationships in the following areas:

  • Partnerships with pharmaceutical companies to establish companion diagnostics or theragnostics. These collaborations can involve both development stage and marketed pharmaceuticals across a wide range of disease states including cardiology, oncology, immunology and neurology.
  • Evaluation of innovative new products in the molecular imaging and radio-immunotherapy areas for potential in-licensing.
  • Rescue of pharmaceutical drug candidates for use in nuclear medicine as diagnostic and/or therapy agents.

Our expertise and capabilities of interest to potential partners include:

  • An established and growing network of PET production and distribution centers over a large geographic area
  • Established sterile injectable and lyophilisation manufacturing capability
  • A suite of proprietary molecular nuclear diagnostic (PET, SPECT) and therapy products
  • World-class radiochemistry and custom labelling facilities and expertise
  • An in-house multi-modality pre-clinical imaging CRO
  • Pre-clinical and clinical program management capability

We invite interested parties to submit their opportunity, proposal, or enquiry.

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