Advanced Accelerator Applications Announces Two Phase II Studies Evaluating 99MTc-rhAnnexin V-128 Imaging in Cardiovascular and Cardio-Oncology Indications at University of Ottawa Heart Institute and Ottawa Hospital


AAA today announced the initiation of two Phase II clinical studies evaluating 99MTc-rhAnnexin V-128 (Annexin), a single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) diagnostic candidate for the assessment of apoptosis and necrosis, forms of cell death in cardiovascular and cardio-oncology indications at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute and The Ottawa Hospital.

Stefano Buono, Chief Executive Officer of AAA said, “Having diagnostic tools that can accurately detect apoptosis and necrosis in cardiovascular settings can facilitate early diagnosis of potentially life-threatening conditions, enable more precise risk stratification, and help physicians monitor the efficacy and safety of treatments in individual patients during the course of therapy. Our goal is to develop Annexin into a personalized disease management tool for multiple inflammatory diseases.”