Advanced Accelerator Applications Announces Swiss Marketing Authorization for Two PET Diagnostic Products


AAA announced today that the company has been granted marketing authorization in Switzerland for two Positron Emission Tomography (PET) products, DOPAVIEW and AAACholine.

DOPAVIEW is AAA’s brand name for 6-fluoro-(18F)-L-DOPA, a DOPA analogue. DOPA is an aromatic amino acid that accumulates rapidly in target tissues of the human brain and is transformed into dopamine, a neurotransmitter. In neurology, PET imaging with DOPAVIEW is indicated for diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease and differentiation between essential tremor and parkinsonian syndromes. In oncology, PET imaging with DOPAVIEW enables diagnosis, localization and characterization of various tumor types, such as neuroendocrine tumors, gliomas, and thyroid cancer.

DOPAVIEW will benefit from a 10-year marketing exclusivity, since AAA is the first company to obtain marketing authorization for this product in Switzerland.

AAACholine is AAA’s brand name for 18F-choline. 18F-choline is indicated for PET imaging in prostate cancer patients, including localization of lesions, characterization of the tumor in case of biochemical relapse and evaluation of the response and follow-up of patients with loco/regional and/or metastatic recurrence.