Our Business

AAA has built a leadership position as an innovator in the Molecular Nuclear Medicine market through our:

  • Market leading diagnostic drug business and first-in-class theragnostic pipeline;.
  • Integration of research and development, manufacturing, and marketing and sales;
  • Large European network of proprietary industrial laboratories;
  • Best-in-class technology and highest pharmaceutical standards;
  • Successful acquisition of complementary businesses/expertise; and
  • Proven track record in managing reliable production and delivery of products with short shelf-lives of hours or days.
  • reliability.

Manufacturing Expertise

Our production and R&D resources represent what we believe to be one of our key competitive strengths. They allow us to develop, manufacture and sell therapeutic and diagnostic products in all the major European markets, while positioning us as a licensing and manufacturer partner for companies such as GE Healthcare and Eli Lilly that require qualified manufacturers for their existing and new PET products.

We manufacture the majority of our products through our global manufacturing network of 19 production facilities in 8 countries.
We are vertically integrated and control production from the manufacturing of enriched water to the production of finished molecular nuclear medicine PET and SPECT products.

We have 14 PET production sites strategically positioned close to our customers as well as 2 SPECT production sites, 1 enriched water production site and 1 independent Lu-177 manufacturing business.

Two of our Italian plants, in the Ivrea and Meldola areas, have obtained approval to produce Lutathera® (USAN: lutetium Lu 177 dotatate/INN: lutetium (177Lu) oxodotreotide), qualifying them as the first industrial pharmaceutical laboratories in the world to receive approval to produce an injectable nuclear molecular therapeutic product. With European approval, our site in Zaragoza, Spain is also authorized to produce Lutathera®. These three laboratories are expected to be our main European production sites for Lutathera®, while we prepare our Millburn, NJ facility as the primary production site for North America.

All of our manufacturing facilities operate in conformity with current good manufacturing practices, or cGMP. This network provides the basis for our advanced manufacturing capacity, cost-efficient production and organization of reliable product distribution.

Our network has a longstanding track record of supplying high-quality products to over 250 hospitals in Europe every year.