Corporate Social Responsibility

AAA’s primary responsibility is to develop innovative treatments for serious and prolific diseases where there is a high unmet medical need. We believe high ethical standards are the necessary foundation for gaining and maintaining the trust of all of our stakeholders.

AAA is, at its core, a pharmaceutical company and strives to fully comply with and enforce all relevant pharmaceutical standards. AAA is member of the European Association of imaging producers and equipment suppliers (AIPES) which has established a Code of Ethics to provide clear guidelines of how to correctly conduct business.

In 2015, we adopted our own Code of Conduct applicable to the board of directors and all employees.

AAA recognizes that its people are essential for its success and has established various company-wide incentive programs to attract and retain the best talent.   AAA is also committed to developing its employees. Career progression is based on performance and assessment of potential. Compensation depends primarily on the individual’s responsibilities and level of achievement.

The health and well-being of our employees is of the utmost importance and we maintain and enforce clear and effective health and safety policies to minimize the risk to all staff and ensure a safe working environment.

AAA seeks to achieve and maintain best practice in corporate governance and we regularly review our procedures to ensure we are transparent and accountable to our shareholders, suppliers, financial institutions and public authorities. AAA is committed to rewarding the loyalty and trust of our business partners who have enabled the Company to grow quickly from a concept to a highly successful international business.