AAA to manage THERANEAN project with Lyonbiopôle

March 26th, 2009 – Following the 7th Call for Projects of the Single Inter-Ministry Fund (FUI) in 2008, Lyonbiopôle obtained funding for four new R&D projects from various companies, including the THERANEAN (THERApy through NEutron Activation using Nanoparticles) R&D project. The objective of the THERANEAN project is the development and pre-clinical validation of a methodology for solid tumors therapy. This methodology is based on the use of sub-micrometric/nano particles charged with beta/gamma emitters produced in a cyclotron-driven neutron activator. AAA is the project leader together with CERMA, Centre d’Etude et de Recherche Médicale d’Archamps, and other universities and research centers.

AAA Italy gets the authorizations to handle transportations

AAA Italy obtained all the necessary authorizations to transport by road radioactive materials in Italy. The company will achieve approximately a € 60 cost saving for every transport, as it will no longer have to pay a commission to other companies for the use of their transport authorization. The annual costs savings will be well beyond €100,000.

AAA acquires Italian pharma manufacturer GiPharma

JAAA acquires Italian pharma manufacturer GiPharmanuary 27th, 2009 – AAA Italy has completed the acquisition of Gipharma , a pharmaceutical contract manufacturer for injectable and freeze-dried products, specialized in radiopharmaceuticals (RP) for SPECT. Gipharma was founded in 2002 and is based in the Saluggia (VC) Technological Park. Thanks to this acquisition, AAA will increase its presence in the SPECT market – which accounts today for the 70% of the global nuclear medicine business and shows positive growth perspectives in the coming years. Gipharma also offers a wide range of custom manufacturing and analytical services under cGMP requirements.

Advanced Accelerator Applications (“AAA”) Growth Continues with the acquisition of Gipharma