AAA to manage THERANEAN project with Lyonbiopôle

March 26th, 2009 – Following the 7th Call for Projects of the Single Inter-Ministry Fund (FUI) in 2008, Lyonbiopôle obtained funding for four new R&D projects from various companies, including the THERANEAN (THERApy through NEutron Activation using Nanoparticles) R&D project. The objective of the THERANEAN project is the development and pre-clinical validation of a methodology for solid tumors therapy. This methodology is based on the use of sub-micrometric/nano particles charged with beta/gamma emitters produced in a cyclotron-driven neutron activator. AAA is the project leader together with CERMA, Centre d’Etude et de Recherche Médicale d’Archamps, and other universities and research centers.